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WE CAN HELP YOU build a solid foundation FOR YOUR dream BUSINESS

Our speciality // branding + websites



We’re here for ambitious women going for it because we believe everyone deserves to have a business they love and follow their passion – and we totally believe everyone can build their dream business with foundation that's solid AF!


We create brands that are in alignment and are full of STYLE. 


We value positive vibes and believe in connection with like minded business owners and supporting our clients with the guidance they need so they don't feel like they are doing it alone.


Sound like we are your people?

If you’re looking to work with someone who can take care of your brand and website (while making it a stress-free experience) grab our price guide and get in touch. I promise after just one meeting you’ll be inspired to take the next step for your business.


Hello – I'm Teresa




I come from an Italian background and have espresso running through my veins – when other kids were drinking hot chocolate growing up, I was having a short black with my aunties. As a result I can’t live without my Bialetti percolator and yes, I own several. 


I am a wife and mum and everything I do is for them 😍 I always aim for relaxation and family time (tbh it is hard for me to step away from my computer but I make the time) and take every chance I can get to escape to our cabin in the high country (and yes, sometimes the computer makes the trip too 🙈).


I am all for positivity and being in touch with your spiritual side. Regular meditation is part of my routine while essential oils and crystals take pride of place on my workspace. Before I begin every project I tune in and this brings the best results. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to be learnt.


I am OBSESSED with Human Design. And in my free time you will probably find me researching and soaking up as much as I can.


I love design (I’ve been doing it for 20+ years) but the thing that really ignites my passion is helping women grow their dream business. Why? Because for me, quitting my day job and starting my own business was by far the best thing I have ever done and the lifestyle I have created for myself and family is the absolute best 💫 Everyone deserves that balance in their life.

And incase you haven't noticed, I love using emoji's when writing to people. Chances are if you receive an email from me it has lots of these 😊 and that is because I am actually smiling as I'm writing to you and I want you to know it 😊

My experience


I began my career in publishing – I designed editorial pages, advertising, organised photo shoots with local businesses and played a big role in organising marketing and social media.

Today I have a real talent for visually representing different brands – this includes the design of logos, the layouts of websites and choosing the perfect images to represent the brand and what their target customer wants to see. 


This all comes from my early experience spending hours choosing the right editorial images, laying out those pages perfectly and marketing with a purpose.

Pair that with my intuitive side (I actually have a ritual to tune-in before I start each project which basically guarantees I get your designs right first go!!) and it's a big win for my clients.

Each and every brand and website project over the last 20+ years (btw I've created over 100 websites!) has taught me something new. And that experience is something that is going to help YOUR business elevate to the next level.


My crew


I have a select crew who work with me on various projects as needed. These people are the best at what they do and just as passionate about creating a stylish impression for your business as what I am. We really do love what we do. 

You can rest assured that when you work with us, you are our top priority – and we make sure you are informed every step of the way.

Plus, I pay personal attention to each project before your proof hits your inbox or your website goes live #perfectionistalert

Your business is safe in our hands. We promise to treat it like it's our own.

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