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Let's work together to brand your business in a way that's unique to your soul blueprint so you can infuse your magic, land dream clients and run your business like you were energetically born to




 2023 and beyond is all about working in alignment, feeling that ease and flow... 

It’s fully stepping into your superpower and out of the shadows.


It’s having the confidence to go all in and show the world who you are.


It’s banishing those wishy washy DIY vibes.


Want to go all in and ditch the 'shoulds' so you can show up in your business the way you were born to?

You've found your place if you are ready to:


✨ Show up authentically

Have a business that flows easily

Get out of stuck mode

Bring high vibes and energy to your business

Be guided to reach your full potential

Feel excited to show your business off to the world and call in those clients that energetically align


You 'just know' you were born for bigger things and you want to make an impact. But if you are even more honest, you might even feel:

Stuck and have no clue of which direction you need to take – maybe even a little disconnected from your business – and struggling to hit those higher income goals.

That's costing you: $$$$

Brand shame that keeps you from sharing your business online and stuck in comparisonitis mode.

That's costing you: Potential clients

Disheartened because you're wasting hours upon hours on the things that don't bring in new business.

That's costing you: Your sanity

That you're not an 'entrepreneur' or business savvy and don't have a clue about business so why bother trying! It's easier to just go with someone else's step-by-step plan.

That's costing you: Alignment and your uniqueness

That you're sick of attracting high-maintenance clients that drain every ounce of your energy and time.

That's costing you: Motivation and love for your business

I know what you are talking about, I was once in your exact shoes!


This time last year my business was going well but I was:

+ Maxed out on time 

+ Working on projects that didn’t light me up

+ At an income cap (and trying all of the things like online courses to grow my income but they were not working)

+ Struggling to find ‘my thing’ and what I wanted to be known for


So I resigned to the fact that I was going to stay where I was and just slowly increase my prices to increase my income...


But the real impact was me being frustrated and tired of feeling like my business was running me and I just wasn’t getting anywhere.


Sound familiar?


That’s when I discovered Human Design and my life changed forever.


There is no coincidence why you are here today...


The Universe is answering your call my dear friend and if you are like me, you understand everything happens for a reason.

With that in mind, what if I told you that there was a way to grow your business without leaving your success up to crossed fingers or following someone else one-size-fits-all advice?

Imagine if you:


✔️ Really stepped into your flow and for the first time really understood what you were here to do giving you complete alignment through your business

Creating for you: Alignment

✔️ Beat to your own drum and banished comparisonitis because you were confident in your solid brand and stepped up into your personal magic

Creating for you: Growth

✔️ Had the confidence to make decisions in your business that you 'knew' were right for you.

Creating for you: Ease

✔️ Felt truly lit up and excited to show your aligned AF branding off (I mean TRULY!)

Creating for you: Excitement, passion and success

Imagine if your business gave you:


Generator and MG: Complete satisfaction at the end of the day

Projector: Recognition of your value, talents and power and you had utter success

Manifestor: Zero resistance and peace

Reflector: Surprise and delight

And the best part? I can partner with you to create a brand that's so damn unique and infused with YOUR magic (not just a pipe dream that you keep wishing and hoping for) and give you the guidance you need to propel your business forward...



I’m the owner of my own successful business Style Creative Co. I’ve been my own boss for four years and consistently earn six figures.

But until recently I struggled to really find my place and real direction in my business. That was until I discovered Human Design.

I realised combining my new passion with my old passion (design and marketing) was the perfect match for my clients.

As a Generator with a 5/1 profile I discovered:

🖤 I'm a fixer and problem solver and am perfectly placed to come up with creative solutions. I love the process and it comes easy to me.


🖤 I have an ability to recognise patterns and see what's going wrong.

🖤 I'm here to guide. I want to show you what an intuitive connection looks like and be your safety net.

I was coaching my clients and biz buddies through casual conversations and didn't even realise it! I was giving them advice that was bang on and created success for them. In fact I've even been called a 'good luck charm'.


That is why Brand by Human Design was born.

Guiding you is my super power. I can see you and into your business so deeply. I can see where the problems are and guide you to fixing them – combining that with your chart details is the game-changer. Let me help guide you to create the most authentic brand over our 4 week partnership.




This program is for ambitious solopreneurs who are ready to step into a new energetic level and elevate their business through their own unique magic.

If you are ready to up level your brand and create total alignment through your business then this is made for you.

This is not just a logo design, this is the only branding service that combines your unique Human Design and coaching support so you can build your business on a solid foundation and in complete alignment.


It's four weeks to complete alignment.

Here's what's included:


To start we'll jump on a one hour call and review your chart. We will go through all the important elements in your chart to get a clear understanding of your magic.

This is where the alignment begins and you learn more about who you were born to be.



On our second call we will really look at the uniqueness you bring to your business so you stand out and are so energetically aligned it's not funny! 

This is going to help guide you and your brand in the right direction.

Using the numbers and lines in your chart as a guide we will clearly define your:
+ Brand superpower (your biggest gift and how it applies to your business)
+ Your niche 
+ Your brand messaging
+ Your dream client
+ Your brand values

Warning: There's going to be some big aha's that come out of this call, you will pick up so much that can be applied to your ENTIRE BUSINESS (not just your brand). 

My Generator passion is going to kick into overdrive leaving you inspired to take action!



Next we'll get started on your designs. With what we have discovered so far about your uniqueness, we'll take your business to the next level with stand-out design.

You'll end up with:
+ Main logo
+ Secondary logo
+ Logo submark
+ Other design elements
+ Social media templates

This will also be packaged up in a Brand Style Guide –  it will contain all the super important info that will form the bones of your brand.

This is the difference between wishy washy DIY brand and stand-out industry leader - btw we'll be making you the leader!



You get the VIP treatment throughout our time working together.

I'll be there to guide you and workshop anything that comes up regarding your Human Design and your brand


Ready to elevate your brand and business?

Cost: Pay in full $1800
Payment Plan 4 x fortnightly payments of $475, 8 x fortnightly payments of $240

Book a discovery call and let's see if we are a good fit.



We will ELEVATE YOUR BRAND by taking it from vanilla same-same to something that's ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED and TOTALLY UNIQUE

We'll banish feelings of:
Generator + MG: Frustration   Projector: Bitterness  Manifestor: Anger   Reflector: Disappointment


What is included in the calls?

We will start our first call with:


Unpacking your unique Human Design chart. This is a full Human Design chart review where we unpack:

💖 Your energy type and what that means for you
💖 How you should make decisions that are in alignment
💖 How to know if you are not living by your design
💖 Your manifestation process
💖 Your energetic gifts and how you can apply them to your business
💖 Your profile lines and how you move through the world
💖 Your life theme and what you came to accomplish
💖 Tips on how you can apply your energy type to your business and marketing

You will have the chance to ask questions throughout the call so you fully understand everything. 

One week later our second call will include:



Deep diving into what makes your brand unique and how can we specifically infuse your unique Human Design gifts into your brand. We will look at the gates, lines and channels in your chart that we will use for specific parts of your business so we can really create that alignment and authenticity.

We will get a super clear understanding of the direction we are going to take your brand.


We will also look into the finer details of your brand values, brand voice and your all important brand messaging.

The calls will be recorded so you can go back over it any time.

I'll then get started on your designs. Throughout the remaining time together we will be in touch regularly making tweaks to the designs. 

By the end of our time together you will have:

A clear style guide to follow for not only the look of your business ​but the brand foundations – and this is what is going to help propel your brand forward. This will be your guide to use in your marketing so it energetically connects.

All of the logo files and social templates you need to implement your new look through your business.

Clarity around your strengths and the uniqueness you can bring to your brand so it's full of your magic.



This is the resources my Aligned Marketing Group Coaching tribe have access to and as a bonus I’m also giving you access. 

This file is packed with tips and tutorials to help with moving forward and marketing your new brand including:


+ Website design tips recording

+ High converting home page guide and blueprint

+ How to write captivating website copy guide



Caption swipe file

+ Hashtag guide

+ Post planner template

+ Behind the scenes creating a Facebook ad recording

+ Canva video tutorials – Including creating templates, creating Reels, AI technology with Magic Write and using the Canva bulk editor to save time


Website lead generation guide

+ Freebie guide workbook



+ Human Design energy types explained

+ Human Design resources I love guide


I’m not even going to put a value on all this because it’s too hard!

There’s a hell of a lot of tips and time saving tools in this resource file that will give you skills for your business life. Plus I'm continually adding more resources and you automatically get access!


Book your free no obligation discovery chat today to see if this is the right program for you

Who is this for?

This program is suited for service providers, creatives, those in the holistic and wellness industries. Basically anyone who is going it alone and want's to build their dream business into something that is profitable and aligned.

Those ready to step into their magic (and out of their comfort zone) – You will experience shifts and realisations, I may even encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. I have a 20+ year background in design, advertising and marketing and have successfully built a six figure business – I have done this by stepping outside of my comfort zone and implementing new things. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

It is not just for service providers, it would suit any business owner – No matter what your business type is you want to build a brand that stands out and is aligned to you.


It is NOT JUST FOR people who already have a business. You might be planning a new business so this will get your business started on the right track.

No matter who you are, discovering your Human Design will blow your mind!

Discovering how you can apply it to your brand and business will be a game-changer and make business easy. It will save the guess work, time, energy and create connections with your clients.


The result is a magical and thriving business with ease and flow. And you will have the confidence to move forward with big bold moves.


Ready to get out of stuck mode?

Want to show your audience the value you provide?

Ready for a complete shift and alignment?

Brand by Human Design is perfect for you – and guaranteed to bring your business ease and flow.



Cost: Pay in full $1800
Payment Plan 4 x fortnightly payments of $475, 8 x fortnightly payments of $240

Book a discovery call and let's see if we are a good fit.

Frequently asked questions



I can see into your business and guide you to reach your full potential so you can grow in alignment with flow and ease.


This is MY SUPERPOWER and guiding you to align your brand to your unique blue print and optimise your business for success is MY PASSION.


I’ve developed this framework based on the work I’ve done on my own business, my own research and training. I’ve flipped my business, taken leaps and completely reframed the way I work to align with my design.


If you are done doing things the hard way.

If you feel brand shame or disconnected from your business.

If you are done doing things because they say you 'need to'


This is for you.


Show the Universe you are ready to step it up and step out of the shadows and show the world who you really are.


Imagine where you will be four weeks from now...
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