20 opt-in ideas for your fashion or lifestyle biz

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Ready to grow your mailing list, attract new customers and build a meaningful relationship with your target market … all while positioning your business as an icon and leader?

Sounds like you’re ready to create an opt-in for your fashion or lifestyle biz!

As a quick reminder, an opt-in is a freebie you offer to your audience to get them to sign-up (or opt-in) to your mailing list.

An opt-in is vital for many reasons, but mostly because your mailing list is all yours. You have full ownership and creative freedom over your mailing list (unlike most social platforms).

Your mailing list is also a valuable tool to educate, guide and convert your audience.

But where to start? And what should you offer to your audience?

Well, the stars are the limit for opt-in ideas, but if that feels a little too overwhelming, I’ve crafted 20 creative opt-in ideas for your fashion or lifestyle biz.

20 opt-in ideas for your fashion or lifestyle biz 

  1. The ultimate guide to Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter fashion/beauty/lifestyle trends

  2. Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter essentials

  3. Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter styling tips

  4. Style Quiz – what is your style? (eg, classic, vintage)

  5. Outfit ideas for your body shape

  6. Colours that suit your skin tone (beauty/clothing)

  7. Travel packing check list

  8. List of the best fashion/beauty/lifestyle products on the market

  9. Create a makeup/hair/fashion styling tutorial

  10. Learn how to get this look.

  11. 2018 trend forecast

  12. 10 ways to style your hair/garment/product

  13. Hair/makeup/fashion ideas for a specific event (first date, work, after work drinks, clubbing, Sunday brunch etc.)

  14. Mini course: 5 steps to revitalise your hair/skin/wardrobe

  15. Outfit planner

  16. Discount on first online order

  17. Access to a Facebook group

  18. Entry to your VIP club

  19. Early access to new product/range

  20. Free gift with first purchase

Chosen an opt-in idea? Great! Now do this 

Once you’ve picked an opt-in idea for your fashion or lifestyle biz, keep the momentum going by setting aside half a day to create your opt-in.

Start with a rough draft and a loose sketch of the content you’d like your opt-in to cover, and then slowly but surely fill it in.

Take your time and if you get stuck, always bring it back to how you can help your audience. What value can you add? What information can you give them to help them with their problems?

And don’t forget, if you need help designing your opt-in (and making sure it looks and feels stylish and lust-list worthy), I can help! Find out more about working with me here.

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