Help my brand is bland! How a designer can help revive your biz

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


“My branding just feels … blah. There’s no life in it any more.”

“My brand feels stuck and stale. It’s like I’m having dry toast for breakfast every day.”

“Ooh, but look at that business. #brandenvy.”

Be honest … Have thoughts like these been sneaking into your business lately? Does the sight of your logo or website make you anxious?

Don’t worry — you’re not alone. So many of my clients come to me with the exact same problems and feelings. Brand despair is a real thing and it afflicts us all.

And guess what? Even graphic designers aren’t immune to brand despair! I have tweaked, changed and even completely transformed my branding more times than I can remember.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you some of the different looks my business has had over the years.

Pretty cool business makeover, huh?

Which is why I want you to know, if your business is feeling a little bland and blasé, a rebrand might be just what the brand doctor ordered.

Why rebranding your business is a good thing 

  • Often, rebranding your business means taking it to the next level and investing in higher quality graphic design and visual branding.

  • The longer you are in business, the better you understand your customers and audience. A rebrand can reflect this enhanced knowledge and connect with your target customers on a more meaningful level.

  • In the same vein, a rebrand can also reflect a change in business direction and/or a change in the clients you wish to target.

  • A fresh look can revive your passion for your biz and get you excited again.

  • Rebranding can show your audience and customers that you aren’t afraid to innovate and change for the better.

  • Branding is a solid investment in your customers and your business future.

Starting to feel like a rebrand is calling your name? Here are some ideas for where you can start.

Where to start with rebranding your business 


Your logo is one of the most commonly used elements of your brand. More than just a pretty symbol or text, research has shown  that your logo can significantly influence a customer’s commitment to your business. Which makes it the perfect starting point for your rebrand!

You might need a logo makeover, or if your logo design is great, you might just need a branding style set up with fonts, colours and other elements to complement your logo and branding.

Curious what a brand style would look like? This is one I did for a client.


You might not need a complete website overhaul (although, if you’re unhappy with your current web design, this might be a great time to look at it!), but any new branding should definitely be reflected in your website.

A designer can redesign your current website and jazz it up or they can create banners that you can use to update it to your new look.

Addicted to before and after’s? Here’s one featuring a beautiful past client of mine.

Social media 

It pains me when I see businesses investing in brilliant branding … and then failing to weave those changes through their social media too!

Social media can be a great platform for building your brand reputation and connecting with your customers. But you have to treat it as an extension of your business and brand. Which is to say, you should give your social media the same love and attention you give the rest of your business.

If you’ve rebranded your business, you will likely need a new cover image for Facebook. Or why not really stand out from the crowd and get a cover video made?

Your Insta feed also needs to reflect your new look, so you can either hire a designer to give it a makeover or have some templates made up so you can do it yourself. Bonus: You can use some of these posts over on your FB too!

Here’s an Instagram feed makeover I did for the same client who had the branding style.

Content marketing and sales material 

And finally, don’t forget about all of the other wonderful content and material you’ve cultivated in your business as well.

From opt-ins and lead magnets through to e-books and price lists, make sure you update your content marketing and sales material with your stylish new branding too.

You can simply swap out the logos, or depending on your budget, get your graphic designer to bring your extra bits and pieces in line with your new branding.

Then you should …

Spread the word about your rebrand! 

Once your biz is looking great with your new branding you can then get it out there and tell everyone about it.

But, er, not sure what to do with the whole marketing-your-biz thing?

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And remember, if you need help with your rebrand, I’d love to be your go-to graphic designer!

You can download my price list and learn more about working with me here.

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