10 Christmas marketing ideas for your retail or lifestyle biz

With jolly old Saint Nicholas peeking his crinkly-eyed face around the corner, (I know; how is it December?!) it’s urgently time to think about your Christmas marketing strategy.


But if this leaves you feeling like you’ve chewed one too many candy canes, then don’t panic. Put down the spiked eggnog and meander your merry mind over to the following list of Christmas-themed marketing ideas for your retail or lifestyle biz.

Designed to act as stand-alone campaigns for your biz, these concepts (listed below) can be tailored to suit your unique business, offerings and customers.

10 Christmas marketing ideas for your fashion or lifestyle biz 

01 / Christmas-specific email campaign

Example: 12 days of Christmas, daily December deal, Christmas gift ideas.

02 / Online Christmas party

Example: Set a date and time to have an online or in-store special/sale. You can even theme it with secret santa gifts (maybe with discounts from you) and Christmas-styled graphics.

03 / Secret Santa gift

Example: Offer your customers a small, surprise gift with every purchase over $xx

04 / The Christmas gift guide

Example: Create a booklet (print or online) full of Christmas gift-giving ideas from your business.

05 / Mega Christmas Eve giveaway

Example: Run a giveaway for the month of December that is drawn at a specific time in your store on Christmas Eve. You can partner with other businesses or just use products from your store.

06 / Hold a Christmas-themed contest

Example: Ask your customers to share pics of their Christmas displays featuring your product(s).

07 / VIP Christmas reward

Example: Give your loyal customers a special gift like a VIP-only discount, or offer them a specific product available to VIP’s only.

08 / Custom Christmas treats

Example: Have some treats baked and wrapped to give away to customers in the week leading up to Christmas. Bonus points if it has your business branding!

09 / Host a last minute gift grab

Example: Send out emails and print out flyers (to give to people as they enter your store) with last minute gift ideas with different budget categories.

10 / Promote special Christmas gift vouchers

Example: Include a small gift for the gift-giver (because who doesn’t like receiving gifts!)

And don’t forget to add a Christmas theme to your branding in December!

It will inject a sense of novelty and playfulness into your brand and help spread some Christmas cheer. Give your social media a festive makeover and make sure your emails and blogs have Christmas-themed visuals.

Or I can help you Christmas-fy your business and brand! Find out more about working with me here.

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