The 5 branding mistakes that make your biz look anything but stylish

Hey there boss-lady! Been busy trying to be all things in your business and letting a few things slide? Let me tell you one thing you don’t want to loose… your designer style!

I know what its like being the creative, the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the sales person and more. Being all things can be tough but one thing you don’t want to loose sight of in your business is your branding.

Your visual branding is the foundation of your business in many ways. It tells your audience who you are, what you do and what they can expect from you.

Don’t let your biz be anything less than irresistible and on-trend.

So to save your sanity, I’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes I see businesses make.

01 / Outdated logo

A logo is one of the most used elements of your brand. It can influence whether someone wants to commit to your business, which means it’s pretty bloody important. If you skimped when you first started your biz, if you have changed the vision of the business or you are heading in a different direction you might want to think about an update.

A fresh look can revive your passion for your biz and get you excited again.

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02 / Images that don’t look professional

Grabbing your iPhone and snapping a few shots to use in your branding is not going to cut it. You wouldn’t let your 5 year old niece put on your makeup for you before a night out – meaning, you wouldn’t let an amateur do something that a professional can do better!

Photos taken by a professional photographer are a must. Set up a photo shoot and get your own branding images taken of your self or your product (read more about that here). There are also image websites that are free or paid – just make sure they have Creative Commons licenses, which means the author has given people the right to share and use an image they have taken.

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03 / Adding it to your social media

It kills me seeing businesses that don’t use their branding through their social media! Social media can be a great platform for building your brand reputation and connecting with your customers.

Don’t share quotes from other pages, create your own and add your branding touch. Use the fonts and colours that tie in with your logo. Even choose images that fit the same tones.

I have said it before and I will say it again, you should give your social media the same love and attention you give the rest of your business.

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04 / A poorly designed website

Every time someone sees your website it is an interview for your biz!

Keep the pages simple and professional and don’t overcrowd them with too much useless info. You want people to be able to go onto your website, see exactly who you are and what you do without having to scroll through pages and pages of text.

Keep the website design to your branded colours and fonts and update regularly if you make any branding changes. As the business changes, so should your website.

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05 / Inconsistency

Your stylish branding needs to be weaved through everything – socials, marketing material, invoices etc.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your customers and followers and look anything less than professional. Keeping it uniform across the board will show you have some serious designer style and know what you are talking about!

“I hear ya this is all well and good but I don’t have time to do all of the things as it is!”

Never fear my lovely I’d love to be your go-to graphic designer and help you fix some of these items! Get in touch with me here and let's see what I can do to help you.

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