Five elements every Insta profile needs

Got your posts sorted and now you can sit back and wait for those customers to flow in right? Ummm not quite.

There's so many elements to converting customers on the 'gram but today I want to share with you my top tips that you can implement your self that are going to ensure your Insta profile looks it stylish best.

01/ Define your style

It’s time to pop on your creative cap and have some fun! We are going to start light and do some research. We need to find the style you like and that best suits your brand.

Jump on Pinterest and Instagram and do some searching. Save or pin anything you like the look of.

We are not doing this so you can copy brands post for post, but instead I want you to adapt what you love and make it work for your brand.

Once you have your inspo, save the images, screenshot or even print them out. Then jump on canva, word, powerpoint or whatever your program of choice (even paper and glue) and create a moodboard devoted to the new look and feel of your Instagram page. We want this to showcase colours, images, textures and font styles that fit in with the style you like. You will then use this for a reference anytime you post anything to make sure it fits in with your style.

02/ Update your profile pic

I recommend a lot of businesses use a photo of themselves as their profile. This helps build a personal connection and shows there is person behind the brand. People don’t connect with a logo, they connect with people.

Exceptions might be if you are a multi-employee or a recognisable brand.

Here’s some tips to finding the perfect profile pic:

  • Hire a professional photographer to get some pics. You can have a mini shoot and get a range of photos to use in your social posts too.

  • If that’s out of your budget and you need to DIY try taking a photo with a neutral background and if it’s a colour make sure it ties in with your brand. Same goes for your clothing - even though you will only see a small amount make sure you are not wearing something that clashes with your brand colours.

  • Experiment with angles and the light. Try facing different directions and move your head on different angles. Also try to play around with the light. You don’t want to have shadows over your face so make sure you are facing the light. Stand near a window or in the open shade outside.

03/ Update your highlight covers

If you are not already making use of stories then you need to be - some people only view stories so you need to make sure you ae covering all bases.

Stories disappear after 24 hours but you can save some of your important stories to highlights that appear above your feed.

It’s a good idea to break these down into categories so anyone landing on your page can instantly see what your business offers and latest info

We want to make sure your highlights look neat and tidy and not a jumbled mess by adding covers.

You can simply used coloured squares in your brand colours, you can get a designer to create your own custom covers or you can create your own in Canva.

Updating them to look consistent will seriously make your biz look 10 times more professional if someone lands on your page.

04/ Create your own graphics

We want your business to stand out and look super stylish so today we are going to create your own graphics that suit the new look of your feed.

If you are not a designer and you don’t have an expensive Creative Cloud subscription the easiest way to create these graphics is through Canva.

Canva is a free online tool that is super popular and if you haven’t tried it out yet, meet your new time waster. Seriously you are going to spend a lot of time playing around here. Canva is super easy to use and also contains a range of templates to help get you started.

Be careful though. You don’t want to use the same standard templates that every one else is using. I can spot a Canva template a mile away and all the good templates appear in my feed over and over again.

That is not showing your individual style.

If you go it alone and create your own graphics please be careful - don’t try and bee too tricky. It looks tacky if you don’t know what you are doing. I recommend keeping it simple. You don’t need to get fancy. Keep it simple and classic and you can’t loose.

PS. If you want some templates that look original and stylish jump over to my shop. These templates are fully customisable. This week only use code SCCSHOP30 and receive 30% OFf everything in the store. That means you can have my stylish customisable templates for only $34!

05/ Update your bio and link

Your bio is prime real estate and it needs to clearly tell people what you do.

First look at your name and user name. Your username is your instagram handle. Your name is searchable so if its the same as your username you are missing an opportunity to be found by more people. I recommend you describe what you do in your name.

For example my username is StyleCreativeCo and my name is the marketing designer. This clearly shows people what I’m about.

Your bio is limited to 150 characters so you need to make it count. Tell people as simply as you can what your brand offers and why they should follow you.

Add some emoji’s to pretty it up and add some personality to your bio.

The website section is where you can add a clickable link. If you don’t have a website you could link to your Facebook. If you do have a website I recommend pointing to multiple pages. There are services like LinkTree where you can maximise the single link by taking the user to a landing page with shortcuts to featured content and product pages. Or you can get your web guru to create a branded page on your website that you can link to.

That’s it for my tips. I hope you enjoyed making some tweaks and updating the look of your account. If it’s got you excited for more then jump over and check out The Insta Studio. My signature program that is really going to help you lift your Insta game #bigtime

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