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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

There’s a certain kind of magic to the idea of success, don’t you think? It’s this giant enigma, this big mystery and this massive mystical phenomenon that we just hope and pray comes our way.

But whether it’s wishing on a shooting star, praying to the small business gods or watching The Secret ten times over in the hopes of becoming a manifesting maestro, the truth is that it’s easy to think that the success of a new product or venture is out of our hands. That we’ve done all we can do and now, we just have to hope and pray our efforts prove fruitful.

But as a marketing pro with hands-on experience guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you to successful launches, I want you to know something:

You have SO much more power than you realise.

Marketing, which is really just finding ways to reach your target customers and let them know — in an engaging and interesting way — that you’ve got something they’re going to love, is your direct channel to that power.

Today, I want to show you how you can harness simple marketing principles and ideas to prepare for the launch of your dreams.

You’ll need to use this plan at least two months before your launch, or if you’re short on time, skip to the section relevant to your timing, but the earlier you prepare the better.

What to do and when to do it 

Two months before launch 

  • Create a page or area on your website for where people can sign up to your newsletter to be the first to know about your new range and get an early sneak peek – this will help build your email list and give you an active and interested audience to market to later.

  • Find social media influencers and contact them about promoting your product. Some of these influencers may request payment while others are happy to be provided free products in exchange for giving you a shout-out.

  • If applicable, set up a Facebook group to build a tribe. Spend the next two months building and warming up your audience on Facebook.

One month before launch 

  • Set up a photo shoot of your product or range (keep an eye out for another blog on ensuring your photoshoot is fabulous.)

  • Create an image bank of each item so you can use it on your social media after launch (include different shots of each item if possible so you can share multiple images of the one item and they all look different).

  • Put together a ‘look book’ of your new product or range — this can be used as a downloadable pdf on your website to help collect email addresses. You can then email this look book to your email list on launch day.

  • Begin to organise a launch day event (if appropriate). Hire a room at a local venue and invite VIP customers or businesses you supply your products to. Display your product (include a mini fashion show if you are fashion based). Put together goodie bags with a discount offer, a copy of your look book and a few other related gifts that you could personalise with your business branding. Or if an actual event isn’t possible, why not organise an online event?

Two weeks before launch 

  • Begin posting social media teasers including a countdown for the final five days to launch.

  • Begin emailing your list sneak peeks, behind the scenes looks.

One week before launch 

  • Write and schedule your email newsletters for launch week.

  • Write and schedule your blog posts for launch week.

Launch day

  • Get your influencers to promote your products.

  • Hit social media hard with launch day graphics, videos, images of some of your range and start Facebook advertising. Also think about running a live stream with a behind the scenes look at the range.

  • Email your look book to your list

  • Run your launch event.

  • You might want to run a giveaway to get word out about your new range. Run one on Instagram and another on Facebook. Prizes could be a gift voucher or a specific item from your range.

Post launch 

  • Keep posting images of your range on social media regularly, use your image bank and reuse images if needed.

  • Encourage people to tag you when they upload photos of themselves wearing or using your product. You can then repost them and let everyone know how happy people are with your product.

  • Let people know when a product has been popular and is running low. When stock is updated etc. Try to build urgency that they need to buy now.

  • Consider running flash sales or free shipping weekends to build up quiet periods.

And voila – your built-for-success marketing plan! That wasn’t too tricky, was it?

But if you’re looking for something a little more tailored, don’t forget I offer a variety of in-demand marketing services. You can learn more about them — and me — here.

Oh and don’t forget to download your FREE done for you #bossbabe social bundles! This will give you an easy foundation to work with when you’re crafting all of those launch posts.

Enjoy and happy launching! I won’t wish you luck, because with this plan you won’t need it. ;)

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