Help my Instagram sucks! – 6 tips for stylish brands

Are you spending waaaaay to much time struggling with your Instagram account? Not feeling the groove and loosing your passion for fashion – I mean Instagram?

This is something I hear a lot from my social media content management clients. Sucky Instagram is a real thing and I’m here to help lovely.

Instagram can be a great tool for your business to bring in more customers so let’s banish overwhelm and reignite your passion!

01 / Come up with a strategy

I like to think of this part in three sections: Goals, your tribe and your uniqueness.

Firstly, let's look at your goals.

What’s your aim? Are you trying to get people to your website to buy your product? Are you trying to get people into your store? Are you selling an event that happens at a certain time? Work out what your goal is so you have something to aim for.

Second, your tribe.

Who are you talking to? Who do you love to work with. Get down to details about who your ideal customer is so that you can talk direct to them, in their language and solve their problems.

Last point is your uniqueness.

Who are you and what makes you different from every other person in your field? You need to stand out not get lost in the sea of same same.

02 / Stick to a formula for regular posting

I work with clients in the wedding, beauty, health, home and lifestyle industries and this formula applies to most of them.

Post at least 4 times per week: 1 x post a tip or valuable info 1 x post that is product/service related (but don’t make it salesy, keep it light)

1 x post that is personal (behind the scenes, you, your team, what you are up to - this all makes your brand relatable) 1 x post a fun quote or testimonial (this helps break up your feed and add some of your branding. When people visit your profile your feed will look pretty and professional).

03 / Schedule it

A lot of people say that they struggle with Instagram because of the up keep. This is where scheduling comes in handy. Take an afternoon to yourself one day a month and plan out the posts for the following month.

Create four tip posts, four product/service related posts and so on and schedule them into a scheduling program.

Done. For. The. Month! Yay, now you just need to keep an eye on the posts and reply to any comments as they publish.

There are some great scheduling apps and programs out there and the one that we LOVE and use daily is Later (not affiliated in any way, just love to use it). It gives you the option to schedule posts by choosing the day and time that they are posted. You can choose whether to have the post automatically go out on the selected time or you can manually post after receiving a notification.

04 / Get on the Instagram story bandwagon

I’m guilty of letting this one slide for my own business but if you are not yet using Instagram stories then you need to make the move. They are a great way to share content that is fun and exciting.

Stories are less formal than your feed. Your feed is what you want to look pretty, whereas stories are more informal and spur of the moment – and they only hang around for 24 hours (unless you save them to your highlights).

This is a great way to share promotions, build hype and have a bit of fun outside of your regular schedule. Stories are a great way to show a bit of the behind the scenes to your followers.

They are also a great way for people to see the person behind the business and build a relationship with you so don't be shy and get your face on video (yep is scary as hell at first but you will soon get over it!!).

I recommend to my clients to pick up their phone once or twice a day and take short video or photo of a staff member working, or quick shot of a new product. There are many ways you can use stories to your advantage.

05 / Save time and duplicate it

If you are across multiple platforms of social media such as both Instagram and Facebook you can duplicate your content. There is no need to create different posts for each platform as many times the people following you on Instagram are different to those following you on Facebook.

Both can be scheduled in the programs I mentioned earlier. Or if you are not scheduling you can create your post in Instagram and as you are posting it save it to Facebook – as long as you have both of your accounts connected.

06 / Make it stylish

Make sure when you are creating your posts that you stick to your branding style and use high quality images… you can read more about that in another blog post here

Finally don’t forget social media is about creating valuable content and building relationships with your followers so they trust you.

And if you are looking for a hand with your socials I’d love to be your go to lady. Find out more about my social media services here

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