How to add style to your Insta feed

Are you struggling to create your own distinctive style on Instagram? Or maybe you’ve been spending more time than you care to admit style stalking your competitors? And maybe you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, a little exhausted and WAY out of your depth?

If so, hang around, because this post is for you.

In today’s blog I’m going to share a simple three-step strategy for banishing Insta feed envy and having your competitors longing to look as stylish as YOU!

Oh and make sure you read through to the end, because there’s a freebie waiting for you at the bottom of this blog.

Okay, let’s dive in.

Step 1. Conduct market research 

Don’t worry, this isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Simply grab your phone and look up the big names in your industry. Head for their social media profiles. Aim high and look at the big brand names because these guys will have social media managers looking after their accounts. You will notice that they usually have a pretty consistent style in their feeds and they always use high quality images.

Now ask yourself:

  • What do you like about their feed?

  • What don’t you like about their feed?

  • What stands out to you?

  • How can you apply and adapt this to your business?

I’m not saying you should emulate their pages post for post (not cool), but instead why not adapt what you love about their pages and make it work for your biz and brand?

Most pages with great feeds have a very clean style and include a mixture of images to keep it interesting. Their images are high quality and their word graphics look professional and aligned with their branding style. 

Next, focus your attention on researching hashtags (yes you need to use them and Instagram allows you to use 30 on each post, they are another tool to help your posts be found) . You’ll learn more about the ‘top posts’ for each and what inspires people to double-tap – always good intel! When you’re going through your hashtags, think about what they are doing … and how you can do it better. Remember, the idea is not to copy, but to brainstorm inspiration for your own unique biz style.

While we are on hashtags remember to also include a hashtag with your business name (incase people try to find you), and the area your business is located.

Step 2.  Unleash your creative muse 

Now that you’ve done all of the research and intellectual heavy lifting, it’s time to pop on your creative cap and have some fun!

Create a Pinterest board devoted to the new look and feel of your Instagram page. Find colours, images, textures and font styles that fit in with the style you like.

The types of images I like to use include flowers, room interiors, jewelry, textures and fashion images.

Here are some examples of some Pinterest boards with different styles/looks:

Step 3. Craft your own unique brand style 

Now that you know what you like (and you have a visual reference guide), I recommend selecting the elements from your Pinterest board that you love the most and using these to create a moodboard. This is going to be your go-to guide for whenever you are sourcing images or creating a post. Use it as a reference for your style and refer to it every time you are creating a post. A quick tip is to ask yourself, “does this image fit in with my mood board style?” before every post.

Here are some examples of moodboards I love:

Step 4. Start posting! 

Using your mood board as a reference start finding images that suit your new style.

If you need some help sourcing great images check out this post.

And to show you an example of an Instagram makeover, here is a before and after for a recent client of mine.

TIP: Remember to keep your images clean and simple, high quality and make sure they fit in with your new moodboard style.

Now that you know exactly how to add style to your insta feed, I wanted to share a bonus freebie that’ll help you get started!

My done for you #bossbabe social bundles! These bundles contain graphics, stock images and a style guide for you to follow. Download and revive your Insta feed immediately! Click the image below to download

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