How to create a love at first sight Insta feed

Updated: May 20, 2020

Longing to stand out in a sea of other same-same stylish businesses online? Want your customers to experience love at first sight when they see your beautiful feed?

The media landscape has changed and content creation is now more important than ever.

Drab Insta feeds with out of focus images shot on our lunch break have been replaced with perfectly curated images and a visual aesthetic straight from the (digital) pages of Vogue.

As a marketing designer and social content creator I know what it takes to make your feed unique and eye-catching.

Don’t settle for a sub standard feed – create your own beautifully designed feed that will wow your profile visitors.

“But I’m not a designer! How am I meant to do that?!”

Don’t worry lovely, I’ll get to that a little later but in the mean time here’s some social inspo to spark your creative juices…

So, where do you start?

Good question. I’ve helped many biz owners with their social media in my time, which means I know just how to ensure yours is “whoa this feed is awesome!”

Here’s a list of things that will make or break your aesthetic:

01 / Your branding

A bagnin’ brand is a must. This includes a colour scheme, font selection and image style.

Stay on track with your branding by creating a style guide for yourself with moodboard inspiration (include images, colours, styles you like), a colour scheme (I recommend limiting it to three colours), your fonts (limit to two fonts for consistency), and the style for your images (are you going to have a consistent colour theme, background, filter etc).

Refer to this EVERY SINGLE TIME you set up a post so you keep to the style.

02 / Images

High quality images are non negotiable. Seriously, who thinks blurry photos taken on your phone look stylish?

Hire a photographer to set up a bank of images or take some yourself (I've got a blog post about that here). You can also source images from websites (make sure they have Creative Commons license so you can legally use them!) or share from other accounts (make sure you give them a tag to credit them for the image!).

Need more help with your images? Jump over and check out this blog post: Where do brands source their social media images?

03 / Graphics

Graphics that look pro are going to help infuse your brand into your feed and lift your image.

You can hire a pro (like me!!) or DIY in Canva. I'm all for doing it yourself but make sure you stick to your branding style and get a few tips for making them look pro. I've got you covered with my 'How to create your own stylish social tiles' post!

A mixture of the above will help you create that #stylishbossbabe look we know you want! And if you need a little help getting started I’ve got something for you…

Access to my free webinar where I teach you the 4 steps to captivate and convert your insta. Learn the steps I took to lift my Insta game and get more clients… I’m seriously going to spill all the secrets I’ve learnt and I’ll also share with you my weekly posting formula.

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