How to DIY your own social headshots

Updated: May 20, 2020

Oh hey there stylish biz lady. I know you have been working hard on your social media but do you feel like it’s stalled? Like you just can’t seem to build your engagement and followers?

Like something is just… missing?

Yep I’ve been there.

And let me tell you from experience (and from creating content for many different clients over the last five years) that the thing that is missing is YOU.

People crave that personal touch and I can guarantee if they see your beautiful face and they can get to know you? That’s when things will kick into the next gear.

Ok. You’ve heard it before but you are an introvert and don’t feel comfortable putting your face out there.

I hear ya sista I'm an introvert too but I’m here to tell you to get over your fears and in the words of Nike, JUST. DO. IT.

Give it a go for a month and if you don’t notice any difference stop. I guarantee you will keep going ;)

So, how to get photos of yourself that look great?

Well the best way is to hire a photographer (if you can end up with an image bank you can grab from as you need it it’s well worth the spend) but if that’s out of your budget for now, here’s a few tips to get you by.

01 / Take advantage of the natural light

Find a spot where you are just inside the shade but facing the light. You want to find a flattering light and avoid shadows on your face.

If you are indoors try to stand in front of a window facing out so the light is hitting your face directly – the natural light on your face is far more flattering.

02 / Get your phone ready

Most phone cameras are pretty good. Make sure you are using the lens on the back of your phone and not the selfie lens – the back lens has a higher resolution.

Put your phone on a tripod or steady surface and you can experiment with the tilt angle – no double chins right ladies?

03 / Touch it up

There are plenty of photo editing apps out there.

As a designer my go to is Photoshop but if you are in experienced and want to be able to do it from your phone try Adobe Lightroom. You can even purchase some great presets (filters) that you can use across all of your photos to bring up the quality and create a consistent look.

04 / If all else fails convert it to black and white

If you convert a photo to black and white it hides a few flaws and makes it look just that little bit better.

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