How to make your social posts look stylish as f***!

You have been working hard on your social media. Your social feeds contain clever content designed to add value and you are posting on a regular basis.

Well done, gorgeous!

Now you just need to marry that brilliant content with some irresistible style to ensure your socials catch your audience’s eye and makes them want more.

Which should be right up your runway.

Except, well, it isn’t. At all.

Because making your socials look good is completely different to styling weddings and people.

But never fear, Style Creative Co is here!

To help you get started, I’ve curated four ways you can make sure your social feeds look great!

01 / Align your posts with your brand style 

Your social media is an extension of your business and brand. It represents your businesses’ views, opinions and philosophy as well your expertise and knowledge.

Make sure your social media reflects your visual brand to ensure that there’s a sense of alignment and authenticity.

To do so, I recommend:

  • Choosing a colour scheme for your posts.

  • Selecting a suite of fonts that compliment or reflect your brand style guide. This will make sure all of your posts look consistent.

  • Choosing a style for your images (i.e. black and white, colour, filters, subjects etc.)

02 / Use high-quality images 

Your image quality has a huge impact on the appearance of your social feeds. It even tells your audience whether you’re somebody they can trust to go to for quality … or the kind of business that takes the discount route.

Which is why I suggest purchasing or downloading high-quality images from websites that provide royalty-free stock images.

Not sure where to go? That’s okay. I’ve got a blog post that might help

Or you can repost gorgeous images from other accounts. Most people are thrilled to have their image shared (and in turn, reach more people!) To repost an image, make sure you tag where the original image came from.

03 / Make your captions are easy to read 

“Oh yay, a huge slab of text to read!” said nobody, ever.

Your social captions don't need to be short – if people find your caption interesting they will read it. You can give tips, share knowledge or give advice in a long post, just make sure you give your readers a break and make sure your captions are styled to be as simple and effective as possible.

This means using returns and even emoji's to break up your text. I also recommend keeping your paragraphs short and sweet.

If you get stuck, just keep this rule in mind: one idea per paragraph. If you’re introducing a separate idea, give it a new paragraph.

04 / Create custom graphics 

Try to be as strategic as possible with your content, sometimes you need to tell people about your latest blog post, latest opt-in or new offer.

I recommend using a professional graphic with a few words telling people what you want to share. This way your offer stands out and looks deliciously appealing for people to find out more.

Note: You can get a designer to create some custom graphics for you or you can DIY your own with programs such as Canva. Just make sure you stick to your branding style and use high quality images.

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