How to show up on Insta video

If video scares the shit out of you, you are not alone. Heck I cringe every time I see one of my videos but you need to build a bridge and get over it. Seriously. Forget about what other people are going to say and remember this: Change never comes from comfort zones.

I repeat change never comes from comfort zones.

People love video. It helps build a personal connection and builds trust.

Backtracking to my own business. I used to meet a lot of local potential clients face to face. If I met a potential client for a coffee and chat 99% of the time I got the business. Do you know why? Because they got to know me and then trusted me. They trusted that I understood what they needed and we had that personal connection.

By being active on socials through video is a way we can replicate this. It was a huge game changer for my biz when I started using video and is the reason I get new clients from Instagram every single week.

Video tips:

  • Clean your lens

  • Use a filter so you feel more comfortable

  • Use a selfie light or stand in front of a window so the natural light is hitting your face

Insta stories:

If you are not regularly showing up on Insta stories then you need to start.

Tip: As you are creating promo graphics for your feed create a version for your stories and throw them up. Then take 5 min each day to video something behind the scenes. That's your stories done!

Add a video of you to your story and do it regularly. Start off with every 2-3 days and then work your way up.

Not sure what to say? Some of these ideas are just simple ways to get your face on video - you don’t need to start of talking to the camera if you are shy, work your way there slowly.

• Introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

• Share behind the scenes look at your business/workspace

• Show different ways your goods/services can be used

• Walk through a product and it’s features

• Show as a day in the life of you

• Create a timelapse video

• Boomerang something you are working on today

• Share a sneak peak of a product or service

• Tell us something about your business we might not know

• Tell us why you started your biz

• Thank your customers for being your biggest fans

• Tell us what you love most about your business

• Introduce your team members

• Show how a product/service addresses a customer pain point


IGTV is hot right now so to stand out yours needs to be super valuable. Think of it as blogging on video rather than writing something on your website.

To determine this find out what your customers biggest struggles are and address them. Not sure? Ask them what they need help with in a story!

So, let’s show them that you are the expert in your industry and set up a video that positions you as an expert!

IGTV tips:

Make your video longer than 2 minutes – we want to give value

No longer than 8 minutes – don’t drag it out and waffle

Include FREE tips that solve their struggles

Include FREE advice

Don’t even think about making a sales pitch – this isn’t about selling, it’s about positioning you as a leader and adding value so they trust you. No mention of products, services, costs, how to purchase.

Give your video a title that grabs attention: How to adjust to new working conditions, 6 tips to stay on track and not get distracted, 5 steps to organizing your workspace for productivity

Record your video on your phone and upload directly to IGTV in your profile – no special effects or video editing required. Keep it simple so you do it!


Finally you can Go Live. This is pretty daunting, even for me! This is a great thing to do if you are launching a new product or have something exciting to share with your followers. You can also do a Q&A session or a demonstration.

That's it for my video tips. I hope you found it useful, let me know what you got out of it in the comments below x

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