How to take your biz online asap

Updated: May 20, 2020

Right now the world is in chaos. We find ourselves closing shop doors, being confined to our homes and wondering what the f*** we do next...

Times are tough, that's for sure but I'm all for positivity so if there's one thing we can take from this situation it's that we need to start thinking differently. Times are changing and our businesses are going to need to change with it.

So let's forge ahead and give it our best shot to revive your biz and take it into the future. Who's with me?!

The future is definitely online and if this scares the crap out of you because you are not at all up with technology read on lovely, because I'm here to help.

01 / Get social

Instagram and Facebook are where it's at and if you are not on both of these platforms that's your first task.

Just creating an account isn't gong to cut it either, you need to be CONSISTENTLY active and you need to connect with potential customers.

So how do you connect?

Get social (it is social media after all). Follow other accounts, comment on their posts, reply to DM's and build relationships. Trust me it will pay off.

And if you are thinking that right now isn't a good time to post, you are dead wrong. It's a great time to post. Everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do so they are scrolling through their phones. Build the connection now and don't wait until everything is back to normal and the whole world is coming back at once.

Expert help: Grab one of my free done for you social bundles. These bundles contain graphics, stock images and a style guide to help you create a feed that's super stylish. Click here.

02 / Build a website

Diversify your biz and take your store online. It's not as daunting as you think. There are online platforms that are relatively easy to set up. I recommend if you are selling products to set up a Shopify store.

You can also link your store to your socials and drive people to your website. Competition is big right now so offer an incentive to purchase – free shipping, a % discount, a free gift with purchase etc.

If you are not planning to sell online you could set up a Wix website so you still have an online presence. This system is easy to use and they have pre-designed templates to help you along.

Expert help: If a DIY website gives you all sorts of anxiety get in touch, I can help you out by doing it for you OR jazzing up what you have done yourself!

03 / Send out newsletters

Start building an email list and sending out regular newsletters to your customers. Let them know what your biz is up to and what new products you have in stock.

How do you build your email list?

Add an optin to your website. This is a sign up button with an incentive that could be a discount for their first purchase, a freebie etc.

How do you send out newsletters?

Set up a Mailchimp account. If you list is under 500 subscribers it's free to use.

Expert help: If you need a hand I can set up your account for you, create a stylish banner or set up a template for you, just sing out.

04 / Write a blog

Set up a blog on your website. There are a few reasons why a blog is great:

• It's a way for you to give your customers valuable info so they want to keep coming back for more

• It's great for SEO on your website

• It's a great promo to use on your socials to get people over to your website

You can also use your blog as content for your email newsletters and to help drive people to your website.

Expert help: You know the drill, I'm here if you need.

I hope that all helps, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on any of the above. Stay positive guys, and let's all do what we can to try to get through this time and come out at the other end bigger and better xx

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