Tips for setting up the perfect social caption

In an ideal world, you’d have someone managing your social media and taking care of sourcing images, writing captions, scheduling posts and replying to the abundance of comments... Seems like a dream, right?

However, in reality, you are probably still trying to grow your biz (and online following) and make your fortune, so chances are high that you're going it alone and navigating the world of social media.

Today I'd like to share with you some tips for setting up the perfect social caption.

Isn't the image what's important? 

While an image is what grabs someones attention and stops them from scrolling, the caption is what makes them feel and act.

You want to use your caption to build a connection and find that balance of personal, professional and engaging.

When writing your caption don't forget it is 'SOCIAL' media.

We need to build an engaged following and you can do this through your captions. Your goal should always be to give value (we want people to keep coming back) and encourage them to take action (either comment, save, share or visit your website).

Convinced that captions are super important? Awesome! Now I’m going to sprinkle a little fairy godmother charm* over this article and guide you in setting up the perfect caption!

Your guide to setting up the perfect caption 

When it comes to laying out your caption you want it to be clear and easy to read so they stay on your post and keep reading.

  • Treat the first line as your headline. Make sure it packs a punch and grabs attention!

  • Leave space between each paragraph by adding a return to break up the text. This makes it easier to read and follow - no one wants to sit there on their phone and read a huge slab of text.

  • Keep your paragraphs short - I usually keep them to one sentence.

  • Use dot points where appropriate - these are much easier to read.

  • Add emoji's to add your personality and some vibrancy. It also helps break up the copy.

  • If you are adding hashtags to the bottom of your caption add in a few returns so it is separated.

Here's some examples from my own feed 

Your caption checklist 

Is my first sentence attention grabbing?

Am I using short sentences?

Are my paragraphs short?

Could this caption by in dot points so it’s easier to follow?

Do I have space between my paragraphs to break up long text?

Have I added in some emoji's?

Have I included a call to action?

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