Why you SHOULD DIY your website

You are trying to grow your business to the next stage. Go you, you are doing awesome!

Now all that’s left to do is get your online home up to scratch because you know that a website is going to be the key to helping you get more clients.

This might be strange coming from a designer but I believe you SHOULD create your own website. Shocking hey, but hear me out.

You need to be able to update your website regularly

Lovely, if I told you how many times a year I update my website you would be shocked.

It’s not unusual for me to decide to spend a Saturday changing up the look of my website and adding new things.

Your website and your offerings are never finished (if you want your business to grow) and you are forever going to be changing things. Your freebie, your services, your offerings. Everything.

If you need to rely on a developer every time you need to change something? You are in for a long wait (developers are notorious for taking forever to get changes completed) and lots of $$$$ (they ain’t going to update your site for free!).

Keep your money in your bank

If you are just starting out in your business you might want to hold off dropping $3-$5k on a developer to build you a website.

Yes they will build you an awesome site and you will look professional, but your business is new. Are you 100% sure things won’t change?

You might discover your branding is not quite right. You might need to change your niche. You might decide the vibe is not aligned to your ideal client – or you might change your ideal client completely (which means changing everything else).

Do you see where I’m going with this?

As your business evolves, your website needs to evolve too. If you lash out on an expensive website you might find in one year’s time that it isn’t working for you and you need to spend another $2k to adjust it…

Satisfaction and achievement

Friend: ’Your website looks amazing’. You: ‘Thanks I did it myself!’

Imagine the satisfaction and sense of achievement you would get from building your own website.

You are gaining new skills and you can control what changes are made in the future. No relying on someone else to do it for you only to find they didn’t do it how you hoped. All you control freaks out there (yep I’m one too don't worry!) can now rest easy.

DIYers beware

Ok, it’s all well and good for me to sit here and tell you how great it is to create your own website but there is something I need to make you aware of.

You don’t want to look DIY.

If you look like a business that has taken the discount route then people are not going to take you seriously. You still need to look professional, so get some help, either do some training, get some help from someone who's done it before or purchase a stylish template that you can adjust.

Never start from scratch if you have no experience. Unprofessional will be an understatement.

And if you want some further DIY tips check out my website freebie below