Wix, Squarespace or Shopify? Help, which DIY platform should I choose?!

Updated: Feb 15

When it comes to creating your own website and knowing your Wix's from your Squarespace's can be pretty daunting if you have never built a website before... am I right?!

Well lovely, no fear. Watch the video above or keep reading to find out my website builder of choice...

Firstly, let's look at the other main platform I haven't mentioned, Wordpress.

The reason I don't consider Wordpress an option is because it is not as user friendly and has a steeper learning curve - while I might be fine to use it, my clients would struggle. Most of them want something that is going to be super easy to manage.

Wordpress also is a little high maintenance - there's plugins, updates that need to be made etc... To many headaches for me!!


Shopify is my go to platform for ecommerce. It is a powerful ecommerce platform and has all the functionality you would possibly need if you are selling. I use Shopify for all of my clients who need an ecommerce solution.

If you are not in the business of selling then what?

I work in both Wix and Squarespace and my choice for websites that are starting from scratch is Wix – hands down. Let me explain the pros and cons for each.


An all-round website builder that has drag and drop design to help you personalise with ease. You don't need to know coding.

The con is it is very templated, there isn't as much creative/design control. I also think it is a little harder to use than Wix but it provide a lot of sleek designs in their themes that suit creatives.


Again it is an all-round website builder that has drag and drop design and easily customisable. You have more freedom of design. You can re-create just about anything if you need to in terms of design. It's great for beginners or those that want an easy to edit website and I believe it is the easiest to use of the platforms.

Wix gets a bad wrap from those who don't really know it well but I can say after building 80+ websites with the builder I have never had an issue. Also the SEO has really improved with Wix with their SEO Wiz, you can also update URL’s, customise meta descriptions and edit image alt tags.

Downside to Wix, their templates are pretty average. But my lovelies I have come to the rescue!!! I am really passionate about showing people the awesome websites they can create in the platform and have added templates to my shop. Jump over here and check them out!!!!

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