Wix vs Wordpress: Stop thinking Wordpress is the only web builder you must use

I’m here to challenge what you may have been told, that Wordpress is the only web builder you must use and share with you the reasons why Wix stacks up.

Because, truthbomb?

If you want a client-winning website you need to be able to update and adapt it quickly and easily.

Hands up if you're guilty of neglecting your site because it’s too hard to edit?

Let’s compare the two platforms and you can judge for yourself.

Here’s a little side note: It’s obvious I’m pro-wix (in-fact I am an authorised Wix Pro!) but I am not an affiliate and receive no kick-back from you creating your own Wix site. Ok, now that’s clear, let’s check it out.

Editing the sites

Wordpress has a steep learning curve that for most business owners is waaaay over their head! Wordpress is a b.i.t.c.h to get the hang of and making updates can be overwhelming! Even for someone with tech experience like me, I can struggle with editing some Wordpress sites and pretty much spend the whole time swearing to myself and asking why I agreed to edit the site in the first place (lesson has finally been learnt and won’t be doing it again!)

Wix on the other hand has an easy drag-and-drop builder. Even if you get a designer to build the site for you, you can still easily edit it yourself (even if you are not tech-savvy). It really is that simple.


There’s lots of beautiful Wordpress website themes out there, there really is. I’ve seen so many gorgeous Wordpress designs but did you know in Wix you have total creative freedom?

That means you can move anything, anywhere you want. You are not limited to a template or theme’s guides. One of my fave things to do is replicate elements from high end Wordpress sites in Wix - I’ve been pretty successful in replicating most of the things I’ve set out to do.

Now, I’m not going to lie here, Wix’s templates are pretty standard and ugly. If you are going to start with a template I recommend you purchase a designer template. (Like one of the templates from my shop!). Or even get a designer to help you get started with the base of your site.


Never been an issue for the almost 100 websites I’ve built with Wix. Wix has all of your security needs covered with their premium plans so you don't need to worry about a thing. Wordpress on the other hand, requires you to add a security plugin and make regular security updates. Yep I’ve seen lots of Wordpress sites get hacked - it is actually a thing that does happen.


If you had of asked me six years ago what Wix’s SEO was like, I would have told you honestly, it was s**t! And Wordpress really was superior (Wordpress started off as a blogging platform and it’s SEO was better than any other platform).

BUT, that was then and over the last five or so years Wix have really stepped up in this area and their SEO Wiz is a great start for your website. It effectively tells you step by step what you need to fix on your site (replacing the work that an SEO expert would do to start with, saving you big $$$).

Take note here, SEO is only as good as the operator. Meaning, you can have a site on any platform and if a good SEO strategy isn’t implemented, then it’s not going to go well.

Most Wix sites are DIY (and those operators are most likely not going to implement any SEO practices because they don't know) so if you compare the stats (compared to Wordpress where most likely a developer or designer has created the site and know what they are doing with SEO), that is why Wix ranks lower.

Implementing an SEO strategy on your Wix site means you have just as much chance as any other site of ranking on Google. Also important to note that Google has no preference to website platforms.

Other things I love about Wix

Wix has so many features that come standard on a business plan. These include bookings, ecommerce, members areas and more. Wix also has advanced design features. You can bring your site to life with animation, video backgrounds and scroll effects.

Feeling like you want to tackle a Wix website or find out more? Then you need to check out my website freebie below.