Everyone can do with a motivational quote right?!


Posting quotes on Instagram is a great way to share your values and humanise your brand.


You've probably already been using quotes you found on other pages or Pinterest! But how good would it be if you could create your own branded quotes that are original and not the same same as everyone else?


It not only helps your business look professional but it is also a great way to share your personality and have some fun – it IS SOCIAL media after all!



The training that teaches you how to
create your own quote graphics in minutes.

Here’s what’s inside the training:
+ How to use Canva to create your graphics.
+ Typography do's and don'ts so you look pro.
+ The key to creating your own graphics that look amazing on your feed.
Basically, it’s just about everything you need to know to create kick-arse graphics for your socials that is going to suit your brand and look like a designer made them.


So who am I?

My name is Teresa and I am the owner and design guru here at Style Creative Co.  I have a passion for online marketing and design with over 20 years in the industry.


In my former life (in the corporate world before I became my own boss) I designed a bridal magazine and working on the digital promotions and curating social media visuals was part of my role.
Was I good at it? At first I don’t think I was. I was relatively new to Instagram and didn’t really have a clue. I would go as far to say that I sucked a little… if I’m being totally honest.
But practice and soaking up as much training as I could taught me a hell of a lot. 
In fact, I learn’t so much that I started working with my freelance customers on their social media content. It pretty much snowballed from there – my design skills paired with my new found love of digital marketing was a match made in heaven and a big win for my clients.
Fast forward four years and I work for myself full-time and have a long list of clients I work with on a regular basis to create kick-arse social content.

Are you ready to lift your social media game? Grab your training now and take advantage of the discounted price before it goes up to $99 in less than 48 hours!!